ODM Mars Navy Black

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ODM Mars collection is inspired by the two moons Phobos and Deimos that orbit around Mars. The watch features two magnetic spheres that orbit an inner track for minutes and outer track for hours. The case and dial are made of stainless steel and due to its unique construction there is no crystal on the face of the watch. The ODM Mars watch sits at 44mm wide and features recessed lugs to improve wearability and comfort. The watch is rated to 5 ATM of water resistance however may not be suitable to withstand the Acid fog and rain of Mars.

ODM - original dynamic minimal - watches is a brand which adopts a philosophy that illustrates itself in original designs, dynamic functions and minimal artificiality. These watches target a niche of young-at-heart, style-driven and design-conscious people in the worldwide market of watches. Undoubtedly, ODM is now a significant name in the world of horology and timekeeping, bringing with it a fresh take on time displays unlikely to be seen anywhere else.